"క్రిస్టమస్" కూర్పుల మధ్య తేడాలు

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After Christmas and Epiphany were in place, on December 25 and January 6, with the twelve days of Christmas in between, Christians gradually added a period called Advent, as a time of spiritual preparation leading up to Christmas.}}</ref><ref name="Senn2012">{{Cite book|title=Introduction to Christian Liturgy|last=Senn|first=Frank C.|publisher=Fortress Press|year=2012|isbn=978-1-4514-2433-1|page=145|quote=We noted above that late medieval calendars introduced a reduced three-day octave for Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost that were retained in Roman Catholic and passed into Lutheran and Anglican calendars.}}</ref>
కొత్త నిబంధన లోని సంప్రదాయిక క్రిస్మస్ కథనం ప్రకారం, రక్షకుని గురించిన జోస్యాలను అనుసరించి జోసెఫ్, మేరీ బెత్లెహేం వచ్చినప్పుడు వసతి గృహంలో గదులు లభ్యం కాకపోవడంతో పశువుల పాకలో వారికి ఆశ్రయం దొరికింది, అక్కడే క్రీస్తు జన్మించాడు.<ref name="Crump2001">{{Cite book|title=The Christmas Encyclopedia|url=https://archive.org/details/christmasencyclo00will|last=Crump|first=William D.|date=September 15, 2001|publisher=McFarland|isbn=9780786468270|edition=3|page=[https://archive.org/details/christmasencyclo00will/page/39 39]|language=English|quote=Christians believe that a number of passages in the Bible are prophecies about future events in the life of the promised Messiah or Jesus Christ. Most, but not all, of those prophecies are found in the Old Testament ... ''Born in Bethlehem'' (Micah 5:2): "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, ''though'' though be little among the thousands of Juda, ''yet'' out of thee shall he come forth unto me ''that is'' to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth ''have been'' from of old, from everlasting."}}CS1 maint: Unrecognized language ([[:వర్గం:CS1 maint: Unrecognized language|link]])
[[వర్గం:CS1 maint: Unrecognized language]]</ref>దేవదూతలు ఈ విషయాన్ని పశువుల కాపరులకు చెప్పగా, వారు సమాచారం మిగిలినవారికి చెప్పారు.<ref name="Tucker2011">{{Cite book|title=Parade of Faith: A Biographical History of the Christian Church|last=Tucker|first=Ruth A.|publisher=Zondervan|year=2011|isbn=9780310206385|page=23|language=English|quote=According to gospel accounts, Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the Great, thus sometime before 4 BCE. The birth narrative in Luke's gospel is one of the most familiar passages in the Bible. Leaving their hometown of Nazareth, Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem to pay taxes. Arriving late, they find no vacancy at the inn. They are, however, offered a stable, most likely a second room attached to a family dwelling where animals were sheltered—a room that would offer some privacy from the main family room for cooking, eating, and sleeping. This "city of David" is the ''little town of Bethlehem'' of Christmas-carol fame, a starlit silhouette indelibly etched on Christmas cards. No sooner was the baby born than angels announced the news to shepherds who spread the word.}}CS1 maint: Unrecognized language ([[:వర్గం:CS1 maint: Unrecognized language|link]])
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క్రీస్తు ఏ నెలలో, ఏ తేదీన జన్మించాడన్న విషయం తెలియకపోయినా, నాలుగవ శతాబ్ది మధ్యభాగం నాటికల్లా పశ్చిమ క్రైస్తవ చర్చి క్రిస్మస్ ను డిసెంబరు 25 నాటికి నిర్వహించడం సాగించింది,<ref>Corinna Laughlin, Michael R. Prendergast, Robert C. Rabe, Corinna Laughlin, Jill Maria Murdy, Therese Brown, Mary Patricia Storms, Ann E. Degenhard, Jill Maria Murdy, Ann E. Degenhard, Therese Brown, Robert C. Rabe, Mary Patricia Storms, Michael R. Prendergast, [https://books.google.com/books/about/Sourcebook_for_Sundays_Seasons_and_Weekd.html?id=kQWbWCXMGQgC ''Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons, and Weekdays 2011: The Almanac for Pastoral Liturgy''], LiturgyTrainingPublications, 2010, p. 29.</ref> ఇదే తేదీని తర్వాత తూర్పు క్రైస్తవం కూడా స్వీకరించింది.<ref name="Chrono354">[http://www.tertullian.org/fathers/chronography_of_354_12_depositions_martyrs.htm "The Chronography of 354 AD. Part 12: Commemorations of the Martyrs"], ''The Tertullian Project''. 2006. Retrieved November 24, 2011.</ref><ref name="SusanKOrigins">Roll, Susan K., ''[https://books.google.com/books?id=6MXPEMbpjoAC&pg=PA133&lpg=PA133&dq=&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false Toward the Origins of Christmas]'', (Peeters Publishers, 1995), p. 133.</ref> ప్రస్తుత కాలంలో క్రైస్తవుల్లో అత్యధికులు [[గ్రెగోరియన్ కేలండర్]]లోని డిసెంబరు నెల 25వ తేదీన నిర్వహించుకుంటున్నారు.
ఏదేమైనా కొన్ని తూర్పు క్రైస్తవ చర్చిలు పాత జూలియన్ కేలండర్ ప్రకారమే జూలియన్ డిసెంబరు నెల 25 తేదీన, అంటే ప్రస్తుత గ్రెగోరియన్ కేలండర్లోని జనవరి 6 తేదీన జరుపుకుంటున్నాయి. ఈ తేదీ తర్వాతి రోజునే పశ్చిమ క్రైస్తవ చర్చిలు ఎపిఫనీ అనే పండుగ చేసుకుంటాయి.&nbsp;ఐతే&nbsp;ఇది డిసెంబరు&nbsp;25&nbsp;తేదీపైన&nbsp;అనంగీకారం కాదు,&nbsp;డిసెంబరు&nbsp;25&nbsp;తేదీని&nbsp;ఏ&nbsp;కాలెండర్&nbsp;ని&nbsp;అనుసరించి నిర్ణయించాలన్న&nbsp;అంశంపైన&nbsp;తూర్పు&nbsp;క్రైస్తవుల్లో&nbsp;కొందరికి&nbsp;జూలియన్ కాలెండర్&nbsp;మీదున్న&nbsp;మొగ్గు.&nbsp;పైపెచ్చు&nbsp;క్రైస్తవులు&nbsp;సరిగ్గా&nbsp;ఏ&nbsp;తేదీన జన్మించాడో&nbsp;అదే&nbsp;తేదీన&nbsp;పండుగ&nbsp;చేసుకోవాలన్నది&nbsp;క్రిస్మస్&nbsp;ప్రధాన కారణం&nbsp;కాదనీ,&nbsp;దేవుడు&nbsp;మానవ&nbsp;రూపంలో&nbsp;మానవ&nbsp;జాతి&nbsp;పాపాలను&nbsp;తొలగించడానికి&nbsp;భూమిపైకి&nbsp;వచ్చాడన్న&nbsp;కారణంగానే&nbsp;క్రిస్మస్ జరుపుకోవాలని,&nbsp;అదే&nbsp;క్రిస్మస్&nbsp;పండుగకు&nbsp;ప్రధాన&nbsp;ఉద్దేశంగా&nbsp;ఉండాలని సిద్ధాంతం.<ref name="Joan Chittister, Phyllis Tickle">{{cite book|url=https://books.google.com/?id=inhMGc5732kC&pg=PT40&dq=date+of+christmas+important#v=onepage&q=date%20of%20christmas%20important&f=false|title=The Liturgical Year|date=November 3, 2009|publisher=[[Thomas Nelson (publisher)|Thomas Nelson]]|isbn=978-1-4185-8073-5|quote=Christmas is not really about the celebration of a birth date at all. It is about the celebration of a birth. The fact of the date and the fact of the birth are two different things. The calendrical verification of the feast itself is not really that important ... What is important to the understanding of a life-changing moment is that it happened, not necessarily where or when it happened. The message is clear: Christmas is not about marking the actual birth date of Jesus. It is about the Incarnation of the One who became like us in all things but sin (Heb. 4:15) and who humbled Himself "to the point of death-even death on a cross" (Phil. 2:8). Christmas is a pinnacle feast, yes, but it is not the beginning of the liturgical year. It is a memorial, a remembrance, of the birth of Jesus, not really a celebration of the day itself. We remember that because the Jesus of history was born, the Resurrection of the Christ of faith could happen.|accessdate=April 2, 2009}}</ref><ref name="Voice-Christmas">{{వెబ్ మూలము|url=http://www.crivoice.org/cyxmas.html|title=The Christmas Season|publisher=CRI / Voice, Institute|accessdate=April 2, 2009}}</ref><ref name="Harvard University">{{Cite book|url=https://books.google.com/?id=x_kBAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA469&dq=date+of+christmas+unimportant#v=onepage&q=date%20of%20christmas%20unimportant&f=false|title=The School Journal, Volume 49|publisher=[[Harvard University]]|year=1894|quote=Throughout the Christian world the 25th of December is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. There was a time when the churches were not united regarding the date of the joyous event. Many Christians kept their Christmas in April, others in May, and still others at the close of September, till finally December 25 was agreed upon as the most appropriate date. The choice of that day was, of course, wholly arbitrary, for neither the exact date not the period of the year at which the birth of Christ occurred is known. For purposes of commemoration, however, it is unimportant whether the celebration shall fall or not at the precise anniversary of the joyous event.|access-date=April 2, 2009}}</ref><ref name="McGrath2006">{{Cite book|title=Christianity: An Introduction|url=https://archive.org/details/christianityintr0000mcgr|last=[[Alister McGrath]]|date=February 13, 2006|publisher=John Wiley & Sons|isbn=9781405108997|page=[https://archive.org/details/christianityintr0000mcgr/page/15 15]|language=English|quote=For Christians, the precise date of the birth of Jesus is actually something of a non-issue. What really matters is that he was born as a human being, and entered into human history.}}CS1 maint: Unrecognized language ([[:వర్గం:CS1 maint: Unrecognized language|link]])
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