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Rainfall averages {{convert|990|mm|in|0|abbr=on}} per year, with the amount varying widely from season to season. In general the wettest period is between September and November. The islands generally experience low humidity and recurrent droughts. [[Hurricane]]s strike on an average of once a year. Temperatures average {{convert|27|°C|1}}, with a range from {{convert|23|°C|1}} in the winter to {{convert|30|°C}} in the summer and autumn. The coolest period is between December and February. Its low [[humidity]] makes it one of the most temperate climates in the world.
=== పర్యావరణం ===
The sandy soil on much of the islands has only scrub vegetation. Some parts of Antigua are more fertile–most notably the central plain–due to the [[volcanic ash]] in the soil. These areas support some tropical vegetation and agricultural uses. The planting of [[acacia]], [[mahogany]], and red and white cedar on Antigua has led to as much as 11% of the land becoming forested, helping to conserve the soil and water.
==నిర్వహణా విభాగాలు ==
Antigua and Barbuda is divided into six parishes and two dependencies: