Note: This template defaults to Wikimedia Commons, but works with any Wikimedia project or language. Please refer to the documentation below for details.

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Used to notify someone who either uploaded or modified an image to Wikimedia Commons (or any other w:en:Wikimedia Foundation wiki project). Wikimedia Commons is the default project, and you need only the 'filename' attribute (and possibly 'localfilename') for files located on Commons. For other projects, you will need to add additional attributes.

{{fdw-commons}} is an alias for {{fdw-iw}}, and they work identically. If using the default settings for images being deleted from Wikimedia Commons, it may be less confusing to use {{fdw-commons}}, and only use {{fdw-iw}} when notifying users about deletions on other wiki projects ('iw' is an abbreviation for [[w:en:Wikipedia:Interwiki|]]).


For an image on Wikimedia Commons being discussed for deletion:


మూస:Demo begin మూస:Fdw-commons మూస:Demo end

For an image on Wikimedia Commons along with an optional message:

{{subst:fdw-commons|filename=Image_or_Media_Name.jpg|msg=There are copyright concerns.}}

మూస:Demo begin మూస:Fdw-commons మూస:Demo end

For an image on the French Wikipedia being discussed for deletion:

{{subst:fdw-iw|iw=w:fr:|projectname=Wikipédia|sitefullname=Wikipédia en français|delreqname=Images à supprimer|delreqsubname=/|filename=Image_or_Media_Name.jpg}}

మూస:Demo begin

Attention yellow.png {{ #if:|File:{{{localfilename}}}|File:Image_or_Media_Name.jpg}} listed for deletion on Wikipédia en français

An image or media file you uploaded {{ #if: | locally, File:Image_or_Media_Name.jpg, which was transferred}} to Wikipédia en français or altered there, [[{{ #if: | {{{fullfilename}}} | w:fr:File:Image_or_Media_Name.jpg }}|Image_or_Media_Name.jpg]], has been listed at Wikipédia Images à supprimer. {{ #ifeq:w:fr:|commons:|Wikimedia Commons is a central repository for freely licensed media used by all Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia. Please be aware that policies on Commons are different than what is used on Wikipedia, including rules only allowing images that can be used for any purpose, and that images must be free or in the public domain in the United States and its country of origin (if different).}}

You can read and participate in the deletion discussion if you are interested or do not wish the file to be deleted. You may have to search for the title of the file to find its entry. {{ #if:|{{{2}}}|Thank you.}} ~~~~ మూస:Demo end


Required attributes:

  • |filename=  — The basic file name, including any file extension (.png, .svg, .ogg, etc.)
    • There is no default value, and the template will display "{{{1}}}" if no filename is provided
    • The attribute title, "filename=", may be omitted unless the filename includes an equal symbol ("=")

Optional attributes:

  • |localfilename=  — The site's local filename (probably the name originally used to upload the file) if the file was transfered to a different wiki and uses a different there. It also generates wording mentioning that the file was transferred to the other site.
  • |transferred=true  — Generates additional wording mentioning that the file was transferred to the other site (use instead of 'localfilename' if the file names are identical on both sites)
  • |fullfilename=  — The complete filename, including the interwiki and language codes, the "File:" designator, the file name, and file extension (.png, .svg, .ogg, etc.); there is no default value.
  • |msg= — An optional message you wish to include that appears immediatly before your signature (template default is "Thank you.")
  • |subst={{sp}}  — Prevents fully substitutting variables| and parser functions into the message for use when demonstrating or testing the template

Attributes used if the image is located anywhere other than on Wikimedia Commons:
If you do not enter an attribute, it will default to the standard used at Commons.

  • |iw=  — The interwiki link to the site (template default is "commons:", the French Wikipedia would be "w:fr:", and the French Wiktionary would be "wikt:fr:")
  • |projectname=  — The namespace where deletion requests are found ("వికీపీడియా" here; template default is "Commons", the French Wikipedia would be "Wikipédia")
  • |sitename=  — The common or simple name of the site (the template uses projectname by default if not specified)
  • |sitefullname=  — Full name of the site, usually including the language if applicable ("వికీపీడియా" here; template default is "Wikimedia Commons", the French Wikipedia would be "Wikipédia en français")
  • |delreqname=  — What the "deletion requests" page is called there (template default is "Deletion requests", the French Wikipedia uses "Images à supprimer")
  • |delreqsubname=  — The explicit path to where the discussion can be found (see note below; template default is "/{{CURRENTYEAR}}/{{CURRENTMONTH}}#", the French Wikipedia uses just a slash |delreqsubname=/ since it does not subcategorize by date)

Note: If you include a date/time-based variable as shown in the example for 'delreqsubname' (as opposed to entering the date manually), be sure to substitute the date variables like this:



"మూస:Fdw-iw&oldid=698516" నుండి వెలికితీశారు