{{GAN}} మూసను వ్యాసపు చర్చ పేజీలో substitute చెయ్యాలి.

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This template is for Good Article nominations.

From Wikipedia:Good article nominations/Instructions#Step 2: Nominating the article:

Step 2: Nominating the articleసవరించు

  1. Paste {{subst:GAN|subtopic=}} to the top of the article's talk page. Do not place it inside another template such as WikiProjectBannerShell.
  2. In the |topic= field add one of the following 31 sections headers that best defines the article:
    Agriculture, food and drink  · Art and architecture  · Computing and engineering  · Transport  · Geography  · Places  · World history  · Royalty, nobility and heraldry  · Language and literature  · Mathematics and mathematicians  · Film  · Television  · Media and drama  · Albums  · Songs  · Music  · Biology and medicine  · Chemistry and materials science  · Earth sciences  · Physics and astronomy  · Philosophy and religion  · Culture, sociology and psychology  · Education  · Economics and business  · Law  · Magazines and print journalism  · Politics and government  · Sports and recreation  · Video games  · Warfare
    If it doesn't fit under any of the above categories, leave the field blank. The nomination will be sorted in the Miscellaneous section.
  3. Save the page.

If you have completed these three steps successfully, a bot will post your nomination on the nominations page under the chosen subtopic heading within 20 minutes.

See alsoసవరించు

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