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Country of origin{{{country}}}
Responsible organization{{{organization}}}
Program History
Program duration{{{duration}}}
First flight{{{firstflight}}}
First crewed flight{{{firstcrewed}}}
Last flight{{{lastflight}}}
Partial failures{{{partialfailures}}}
Launch site(s){{{launchsite}}}
Vehicle Information
Vehicle type{{{vehicletype}}}
Crew vehicle{{{crewvehicle}}}
Crew capacity{{{capacity}}}
Launch vehicle(s){{{launcher}}}


{{Infobox space program


  • name - name of program (will use PAGENAME if omitted)
  • image - an image, typically the program insignia, if any
  • caption - caption for the image, if needed
  • country - the country in which the program was conducted
  • organization - the name of the organization which conducted the program
  • status - current status of the program ("active", "completed", "abandoned", etc)
  • duration - the beginning and ending dates for the program
  • firstflight - the date and/or designation of the first flight of the program whether manned or unmanned
  • firstcrewed - the date and/or designation of the first manned flight of the program if not also the first flight of the program
  • lastflight - the date and/or designation of the last flight in the program
  • successes - the number of successful missions in the program both manned and unmanned
  • failures - the number of failed missions (the designations of the failed missions may be included)
  • partialfailures - the number of partial failures (the designations of the partial failure missions may be included)
  • launchsite - the locations from which the flights of the program were launched
  • vehicletype - the type of craft in which the crews flew, usually either "capsule" or "reusable space plane"
  • crewvehicle - the name of the crewed spacecraft (e.g. "Apollo Command Module", or "Space Shuttle Orbiter"
  • capacity - the maximum number of crew that can (or did) occupy the spacecraft
  • launcher - the names of the launch vehicles used in the program


Project Apollo
Apollo program.svg
Country of originUnited States
Responsible organizationNASA
Program History
Program duration1961-1972
First flightFebruary 26, 1966: AS-201
First crewed flightOctober 11, 1968: Apollo 7
Last flightDecember 7, 1972
Partial failures1:
Launch site(s)Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle Information
Vehicle typeCapsule
Crew vehicleCommand/Service Module
Lunar Module
Crew capacity3
Launch vehicle(s)
{{Infobox space program
|name=Project Apollo
|image=Apollo program.svg
|country=[[United States]]
|organization=[[National Aeronautics and Space Administration|NASA]]
|firstflight=February 26, 1966: [[AS-201]]
|firstcrewed=October 11, 1968: [[Apollo 7]]
|lastflight=December 7, 1972
* [[Apollo 1]]
* [[Apollo 13]]
* [[Apollo 6]]
|launchsite=[[Kennedy Space Center]]
* [[LC-39A]]
* [[LC-39B]]
* [[LC-37B]]
* [[LC-34]]
|crewvehicle=[[Apollo Command/Service Module|Command/Service Module]]<br>
[[Apollo Lunar Module|Lunar Module]]
|launcher=* [[Saturn IB]]
* [[Saturn V]]}}


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