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Template:Pufc is for possibly unfree files cleanup and is added to pages as part of the process at Wikipedia:Possibly unfree files. Template:Pufc should be removed from pages when the review at Wikipedia:Possibly unfree files is complete (nominally 14 days, but a month or more is not unusual). When the Template:Pufc is not removed after the review is complete, the template lists file pages in the following categories:

Category Current page count Description
Category:Pufc cleanup deprecated 1 Template called with deprecated parameter name
Category:Pufc cleanup unnamed 0 Template called without parameter name
Category:Pufc cleanup old 0 Date parameter to template over 3,000,000 seconds (34.72 days) old
Category:Pufc cleanup future 0 Date parameter to template in the future
Category:Pufc cleanup error 0 Date parameter to template contains error


  • {{Pufc|Example.svg|date=23 జూన్ 2021}}


The file దస్త్రం:Example.svg has an uncertain copyright status and may be deleted. You can [[Wikipedia:Possibly unfree files/లోపం: సమయం సరిగ్గా లేదు#దస్త్రం:Example.svg|comment]] on its removal.

Replace Example.svg with the actual name of the file.

See alsoసవరించు

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