This template will categorize articles into Category:Articles that may contain original research or one of the dated sub-categories.

  • Note: This template should not be applied without explanation on the talk page, and should be removed if the original research is not readily apparent when no explanation is given.

The default word "article" is replaceable: {{Original research|table}} produces:

The date parameter can be used to inform other editors of the time the tag has been in place: {{Original research|date=జూలై 2024}} produces:

The discuss parameter can be used to specify a custom talk link: {{Original research|discuss=Template talk:Original research#discuss parameter}} produces:

which links to the specified section on the talk page (not just the talk page).

  1. {{OriginalResearch}}
  2. {{Originalresearch}}
  3. {{Original Research}}
  4. {{Original-Research}}
  5. {{Original-research}}
  6. {{or1}}