Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

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{{Cite Hansard}} is for citing hansards.


Typical usage is as follows.

For Hansards that use a column reference:

  • {{cite hansard |jurisdiction= |title= |url= |house= |date= |column= |speaker= |position=}}
  • {{cite hansard |jurisdiction= |title= |url= |house= |date= |column_start= |column_end= |speaker= |position=}}

For Hansards that use a page reference rather than a column reference:

  • {{cite hansard |jurisdiction= |title= |url= |house= |date= |page= |speaker= |position=}}
  • {{cite hansard |jurisdiction= |title= |url= |house= |date= |page_start= |page_end= |speaker= |position=}}

For Hansards that use a part reference rather than a column reference:

  • {{cite hansard |jurisdiction= |title= |url= |house= |date= |part= |speaker= |position=}}
  • {{cite hansard |jurisdiction= |title= |url= |house= |date= |part= |page_start= |page_end= |speaker= |position=}}


  • {{cite hansard |jurisdiction=Commonwealth of Australia |house=House of Representatives |date=April 1, 1994 |column=1234 |speaker=Paul Keating |position=Prime Minister}}
Paul Keating, Prime Minister (April 1, 1994). Parliamentary Debates (Hansard). Commonwealth of Australia: House of Representatives. col. 1234.

  • {{Cite Hansard|jurisdiction=Commonwealth of Australia |house=House of Representatives |title=Section Title |url= |date=April 1, 1994 |column_start=23 |column_end=34 |speaker=Paul Keating |position=Prime Minister}}
Paul Keating, Prime Minister (April 1, 1994). "Section Title". Parliamentary Debates (Hansard). Commonwealth of Australia: House of Representatives. col. 23–34.

  • {{Cite Hansard|jurisdiction=Tasmania |title=TASMANIAN DEVILS – SPREAD OF CANCER |url= |archiveurl= |archivedate=9 October 2010 |house=[[Tasmanian House of Assembly|House of Assembly]] |date=20 August 2003 |part=1 |page_start=1 |page_end=29 |speaker=[[Bryan Green]] |position=Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Environment}}
Bryan Green, Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Environment (20 August 2003). "TASMANIAN DEVILS – SPREAD OF CANCER". Parliamentary Debates (Hansard). Tasmania: House of Assembly. Part 1: pp. 1–29.

  • {{Cite Hansard |jurisdiction=Western Australia |title=Old Coast Road, Improvements to Ease Traffic Congestion |url=$FILE/C35%20S4%2020001109%20p2692c-2692c.pdf |format=PDF |house=[[Western Australian Legislative Council|Legislative Council]] |date=9 November 2000 |page=2692c |speaker=[[Murray Criddle]] |position=Minister for Transport |archiveurl= |archivedate=1 August 2014 |url-status=live}}
Murray Criddle, Minister for Transport (9 November 2000). "Old Coast Road, Improvements to Ease Traffic Congestion" (PDF). Parliamentary Debates (Hansard). Western Australia: Legislative Council. p. 2692c. Archived from the original on 1 August 2014.

  • {{Cite Hansard|house=House of Commons |title=A Title |url= |date=April 1, 1996 |column_start=23 |column_end=34}}
"A Title". Parliamentary Debates (Hansard). House of Commons. April 1, 1996. col. 23–34.



  • speaker: name of the parliamentarian who is speaking. May be wikilinked.
    • position: their position, e.g. Minister for Transport
  • display-speakers: alias of {{cite book}} |display-authors=


  • title: section title or heading given to the section of the parliamentary debate being referenced. For example, this Hansard extract would use |title=Old Coast Road, Improvements to Ease Traffic Congestion
    • trans-title: English translation of the title or heading, if the source cited is in a foreign language. Use of the language parameter is recommended.
  • hansard: title of the Hansard, if different to the default title (Parliamentary Debates (Hansard)). May include a wikilink or an external link.
  • language: The language the source is written in, if not English. Displays in parentheses with "in" before the language name. Use the full language name or ISO 639-1 code; use of language names or language codes recognized by Wikimedia adds the page to the appropriate subcategory of Category:CS1 foreign language sources; do not use templates.


Publication detailsసవరించు

  • jurisdiction: The parliament's jurisdiction (e.g. country, state, territory)
  • house: The relevant house or chamber of the parliament

Series, volume, issue, partసవరించు

When the publication includes series, volume, issue, no., or part details, the following parameters may be used:

  • volume
  • issue OR no
  • series
  • part

In-source locationsసవరించు

Use only one parameter or set of parameters, as detailed:

  • page: a single page number; OR
  • pages: a range of pages numbers; OR
  • page_start and page_end: the first relevant page and last relevant page, respectively; OR
  • column: the column reference number; OR
  • column_start and column_end: the first relevant column reference and last relevant column reference, respectively


  • url: URL of an online location where the text of the publication can be found. If applicable, the link may point to the specific page(s) referenced.
    NOTE: title must be set if url is used.
    • archiveurl: The URL of an archived copy of a web page, if or in case the url becomes unavailable. Typically used to refer to services like WebCite (see: [[Wikipedia:Using WebCite) and Internet Archive (see: Wikipedia:Using the Wayback Machine); requires archivedate and url.
      • archivedate: Date when the original URL was archived; preceded by default text "archived from the original on". Use the same format as other access and archive dates in the citations. This does not necessarily have to be the same format that was used for citing publication dates. Do not wikilink.
      • deadurl: When the URL is still live, but pre-emptively archived, then set |deadurl=no. This changes the display order with the title retaining the original link and the archive linked at the end.
    • format: Format of the work referred to by url; for example: PDF, DOC, or XLS; displayed in parentheses after title. HTML is implied and should not be specified. Does not change the external link icon.


  • quote: Relevant text quoted from the source. Displays enclosed in quotes. When supplied, the citation terminator (a period by default) is suppressed, so the quote must include terminating punctuation.

See alsoసవరించు

This template produces COinS metadata; see COinS in Wikipedia for background information.

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