Usage మార్చు

This template should only be used on missions which are expected to generate news in the immediate future, such as ongoing manned missions, or where details are expected to change rapidly, such as when an anomaly occurs or during the launch and early operations phase of the mission. It should not be used for flights which are undergoing routine operations, such as spacecraft that have reached their operational orbits, or probes in heliocentric orbit coasting to their rendezvous with a planetary body. Under normal circumstances it should not usually be displayed for more than a few days, unless the mission is still generating news, or details are still rapidly changing.

To make the banner more specific, add article, or section:

{{Current spaceflight|article}}
{{Current spaceflight|section}}

Adding this template to an article places the article in Category:Spaceflights and Category:Current events.

Check main (article) namespace links

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