This template {{Non-free reduce}} should be added to the oversized file. Files tagged with this template are placed in the Category:Wikipedia non-free file size reduction requests. Once an oversized file has been replaced by a reduced version, it should be tagged with {{subst:furd}}.

  • For non-free audio-file, add {{Non-free reduce|type=audio}} to the file page if the audio file is oversized.
  • For non-free video clip or file, add {{Non-free reduce|type=video}} to the video if the file is oversized.
  • For non-free screenshot, add {{Non-free reduce|type=screen}} if the screenshot is oversized.
  • For non-free poster, add {{Non-free reduce|type=poster}} if the poster is oversized.
  • For non-free currency, add {{Non-free reduce|type=money}} if it has high resolution capture/scan of currency.
  • For non-free SVG file, add {{Non-free reduce|type=svg}} if the vector image displayed at excessive nominal size.

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